Fertility Classes

Want to boost your fertility?

Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air and relief to be facilitated and supported on your fertility journey?

What makes us different?

We facilitate you on your conscious journey to motherhood, so you are self-empowered with the tools to assist with preconception.  

Ever thought of being guided in a group class, workshop or in the comfort of your own home (with fertility workbooks and fertility DVD's) to help establish a new fertility enhancing life-style?  Well look no further!

QiYoga for Fertility Classes have helped couples successfully fall pregnant since 2007  

If you want:
  • Pregnancy success
  • Preconception support
  • Natural fertility solutions
  • To ensure your body is in an optimal state for IVF?
... Then Im Sublime with QiYoga for fertility is what you are looking for.
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Have you considered Fertility Yoga?

Not all yoga (or yoga teachers) are the same.  

The Im Sublime Natural Fertility Method utilises QiYoga for Fertility  because it works.  It is a gentle and therapeautic approach to balancing your body, your emotions and your stress levels, as a result sub fertility and infertility can be transformed into a fully fertile state.

Does Fertility Yoga really work?

See for yourself and click here...

Group Fertility Yoga Classes Perth, AUSTRALIA

Mon 7:00pm     -     Kensington
Tue 9:15am     -     Nedlands
Tue 3:30pm     -     Mosman Park
Wed 9:15am     -     Vic Park
Wed 6:00pm     -     Kensington

- with Jenney Kaz, world wide QiYoga teacher and general manager for QiYoga Australia. 

These classes are catered for the general public who want to bring more health to their sacral region, covering issues to do with lower back, digestion and fertility.

*For more information on her classes including maps click here

Want to do other fertility enhancing moves - not just yoga?

Then our Im Sublime Natural Fertility Solutions Series DVD is for you.

Here are some snippets from the DVD:
  1. Exercises to boost fertility - part 1 Click here
  2. Exercises to boost fertility - part 2 Click here
  3. How to breathe to boostfertility Click here

To order your copy today (and get a free 1-2-1 Skype consultation with fertility specialist Fiona Kaczmarczyk) Click here...


5 reasons to attend our Fertility Solutions Workshop Day Retreat

  1. Learn how to make quick, simple, delicious fertility enhancing foods
  2. Discover the top 5 foods to eat to boost fertility
  3. Discover the top 5 beverages to boost fertility
  4. Discover the top 10 infertility creators - what to avoid to become fully fertile
  5. Discover the top 5 exercises to boost fertility

Click here for information about Fertility Solutions Workshop Day Retreat 17th November 2013 London

This is available on mp3 and DVD so pre-order your copy. Email us for details to facilitate you on your fertility journey.


Transformational Talk London:

Ensuring you have enough energy in your "energy bank" is essential for fertility success
  1. Learn how to test if you have your energy levels topped up or are they leaking via external factors such as stress, worry, other people or situations at work
  2. Learn how to make quick, simple, delicious energy boosting foods
  3. Discover the top foods to re-boot your energy levels
  4. Discover how to get more energy and how to keep it!
  5. Discover the ways your mind can heal your body
  6. Learn about "Toxicity" - how to heal the body from toxic build up, from reducing toxins in the home, the workplace, your mind as well as your emotions
Click here for the full details

Perth Yoga Retreat, Kings Park 15th December 2013

Click here for details

Natural Fertility Facilitation & IVF Support Training

Fertility Yoga Classes are currently taught in London, United Kingdom and Perth, Western Australia.  Coming soon to Bondi in Sydney.  

If you want to train in this break-through fertility method with founder Fiona Kaczmarczyk then click here.